The Hali Gali festival of contemporary alternative music has been held since 2019 2019 and at every edition, it finds, promotes and supports young musical talents of the Serbian and regional scene. Due to its influence and wide range of activities, Hali Gali has grown into a musical movement under the umbrella of which there are a significant number of local bands. In addition to the music events, a music compilation accompanied by a TV show, a fanzine that presented over 40 visual artists and poets, as well as a number of Hali Gali newspapers in cooperation with the Matrijaršija collective were published.

On Saturday 26 March at 10 p.m., in the Drugstore club, you will have the opportunity to attend the latest Hali Gali special, which is hereby presented at the Kontakt Music Showcase Conference.

Hali Gali special gives preference to bands that have not performed at this event before. On one of the four stages of the Drugstore club, the Belgrade band Sitzpinker, which we have not seen live for two years, will have the opportunity to play, among others, and they will present songs from their new, as yet unreleased album. From Croatia comes She Loves Pablo, as the most representative band with a hard Zagreb sound. The Macedonian-Slovenian indie sensation Rush to Relax will perform, as well as the homegrown Nežni Dalibor, who recently released his new EP. Lastly, we single out Zenit Zed, the new band of the frontman of the well-known Belgrade band Presing, Zoran Kiza Radović, whose music is extremely personal, spontaneous, direct and often brutal.

Besides these bands, other acts at the Drugstore club include Bas and stega, Skier and Yeti, as well as DJs and music producers: Bucalo, Traka, MANE b2b NA5A, Milf Magnet, Festival nasilja.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at the Zaokret cafe at a price of 600 RSD. The ticket price at the entrance will be 800 RSD.



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