Promotional Compilation of the Kontakt Conference

The Kontakt Conference, the largest event of music industry professionals in the region, and Bunt, the longest-running music television show of the Public Broadcasting Service Radio Television of Serbia that cultivates alternative music, present the current regional music scene. The promotional compilation of the Kontakt Conference called ‘Dani koji izmiču’ (The days that slip away) features 14 bands and performers with their original tracks. The album was premiered on Bunt on 29 June 2022. Branka Glavonjić, creator of the show that will soon mark two decades of its existence, about selection and the very importance of such releases says:

“Compilations containing songs by different authors and performers have always been the most precious thing on the music scene for me, because they capture moment in time. On the one hand, compilations carry the atmosphere of an elusive moment on the rock scene and enable us to get to know the music of many current authors and bands. On the other hand, it is a great opportunity for people to see and hear them, and find out who they are and what they do. . If they are persistent enough and committed to their work, new authors can make the most of this opportunity in their further career.” .

The Kontakt Conference is traditionally held in Belgrade, every year in March. In addition to the Conference, exhibition and concert programme, it also has an important showcase section, which promotes promising authors. Of the 14 bands on the compilation, which is available in CD format, as well as on all relevant digital music distribution services (Spotify, Deezer, iTunes), some have already performed at previous editions of Kontakt, and some are yet to perform.

Track List:

1. Viva Vops – Rasprodaja sreće
2. 16 osam 23 – Sveznajuća neznalica
3. Turbo Trans Turisti – Sivi dani
4. Zauvar – Kome d’uzme prase
5. Lijep ljepši najljepši – Baraba
6. Savana – Danima je vruće
7. Dina Jashari – Kopnezhi
8. Lagana sreda – Novo vreme
9. Fusnote – Dijagram života
10. Kratki s vremenom – Crni cvet
11. Sanitarium – Ja hoću više
12. Skier and Yeti – Tulipalo
13. Empathy Soul Project – Killin’ the Muse
14. Sabron – Chill 2022

The album ‘Dani koji izmiču’ was released with the support of Sokoj (Organization of Music Authors of Serbia) and the Belgrade Festivals Centre (CEBEF).

KONTAKT Sessions at Drugstore Club: LALALAR for the First Time in Belgrade on 11 July 2022 Istanbul based

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