Wood was born in 1967 in Ljubljana. He lives and works in Belgrade. He has been involved in photography since 2014. He photographed groups and performers of the jazz, blues and rock scene. Since 1988, he has been working as a sound engineer on RTS. His photos were used for: poster of YU GROUP for the tour “45 GODINA ČISTOG ROKENROLA”, cover of the live album (vinyl, on the occasion of 35 years of Električnog Orgazma) “Puštaj muziku”, CD Ice Cream Man “Souls Walk”, CD / DVD group KERBER “Unplugged Live Sava Centar”, CD group NBG “100%” and “Nama ostaje samo Punk”, CD group ZONA B “Songmaker”, CD group BLUES TRIO “35ththAnniversary”, CD groups Evolucija “HUNT”, CD YU GROUP Greatest Hits ”, poster for the BABE 2019 concert, poster for the BAJAGA TAS 2021 concert, CD Magic Bush “Put za Sangri-La”, CD Duda Bezuha “ Unusual Blues ”, CD / Vinyl Johnny Ranković “Važno je samo šta ostaje” . With his photographs, he participated in the realization of the book “Rock and Roll in the Claws of the Internet” (first and second part). He had one group exhibition “50 years of concert Rock photography in Serbia”, Belgrade 2017, three solo exhibitions“Rokenrol u kandžama interneta”: Belgrade and Novi Sad 2017, Cacak 2019, solo “Pogled sa sanka” (50 years of YU GROUP) Belgrade 2020, Indjija 2022. Since 2015 he has been the official photographer of Johnny Ranković, YU GROUP and Električan Orgazam.