Award-winning Belgrade based graphic designer, illustrator and rock musician Vuk Popadić, whose career in the music business spans almost three decades, is known for numerous visual identities and campaigns for music events and festivals – such as the first eight editions of Kragujevac based Arsenal Fest, all three Belgrade based Long Night Fests, and many others, including this year’s Kontakt Conference – as well as countless concert posters for performers represented by labels Long Play and Odličan hrčak.

He designed the first record covers and posters as a high school student in 1992, both for his own band (16x8x23x), and for the musicians he hung out with at the time, which were released on the cult record labels Carlo Records, and then Metropolis Records. In 1996, he founded the independent label Family 16, where he published albums by his musical collaborators and friends in various formats (cassette, CD).

He participated and credited in more than 70 music projects, ranging from mainstream artists such as Nebojša Antonijević Anton (of Partibrejkers), Momčilo Bajagić Bajaga and Rambo Amadeus, to alternative rock groups such as Gymnastics, Block Out, KKN, Obojeni programHe worked on vinyl reissues of legendary records of the London phase of Disciplin A Kitschme,as well as on vinyl of previously unreleased albums of new wave/alt rock pioneers Boye, while he assisted his music colleagues on at least a hundred other records, without ambitionto be noted in the credits category..

In the last decade, his band has been active again, while Vuk himself hasn’t slowed down working in the field of comics, where he is a designer, graphic editor and editor of numerous magazine, newsstand and collector’s editions that form the backbone of domestic publishing production for companies Darkwood, Veseli četvrtak, Komiko, Najkula. Lavirint, System Comics and Stalker. So much so, that at one point all the comic books on Serbian newsstands were designed by him.

He regularly publishes illustrations in the only monthly film publication in Serbia – Kinoteka magazine – whose visual identity he also created.

He is currently working on completing his first comic book album.